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Description was post by an animal lover on a Chinese online forum.

This homeless dog's name is Sansan, a commonly-seen Chinese nickname for a third kid in a Chinese family. Last year he was hit by an SUV in front of Zeng Yin's liquor/snack store. His spinal cord was badly injured and his rear legs were broken.

Zeng Yin took Sansan to a local pet clinic but humane euthanasia was suggested. When Zeng Yin saw lethal injection stuff, she changed her mind to adopt him no matter what. Veterinarians took care of Sansan's injured kidney and repaired his bladder. Veterinarians didn't expect him to survive when Zeng Yin asking about prognosis. Though Sansan was paralyzed below waist, miraculously he made it.

Zeng Yin gives him a one-hour massage every morning as rehab treatment. She is hoping Sansan can get his neural system back to work again. An old gentelwoman living downstairs cooks a kind of herb pork stew as palliative care. Zeng Yin said dogs would gradually get depressed and die if they couldn't run on their legs, therefore she wanted to restore Sansan's agility. She couldn't find commercially available dog wheelchairs with appropriate belly support for Sansan's rear legs. So she spent days on designing this special wheelchair customized for Sansan's rear legs. It also comes with an on-cart diaper holder since Sansan lost urinary control. A local mechanic made it for Zeng Yin. It may not be an optimized design from engineers' point of view, but Zeng Yin said she is very proud of her grass-root medical engineering.

Sansan gets used to his wheelchair quickly. Now He is able to visit neighbouring shops every day to make friends. He is also a good working dog. Sometimes Zeng Yin or other store owners are out for delivery, they ask Sansan to stay with POS machine and he will stay there calmly. Sansan is even spotted hanging out with his girlfriend. Now he is a superstar in his community.
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