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Papillon Racing

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Someone on a forum asked about it once. Apparently they actually do it in Japan. :confused:

Competition!! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Dog Time Race 5 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

??01 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

That'd be soooo fun! Our group does fun races at the picnic, but nothing like that.
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Those are fantastic shots! I never knew people raced Papillons, but they sure look like they enjoy it!

I'm not the biggest little dog fan, I like my dogs BIG :p, but if I ever got a little dog I think Papillon would be on my list to consider. They're so adorrible and look like good spirited little dogs.
I've heard of JRT racing and weiner dog racing but never Papillon racing! I love the pic "in full flight." Its amazing how fast little dogs can run! Looks like lots of fun!
Well Papillons sure are built for speed, so this must just come easy to them
I bet it would be a lot of fun. We just do fun races for our local group. I have to brag, but Summer is undefeated. :p (She may lose to Nard this year though... provided we can get Nard going in the right direction)

We do dachshund racing as a fund raiser for our local shelter. That's loads of fun too.
Lol, I can imagine they have a lot of wind resistance with those ears and all that fluff XD
Very cute...I love the ear hair blowing in the wind. Perhaps if you get Summer one of those racing jerseys, it'll give her the edge she needs to beat Nard ;) That or teach her to run with her ears pinned back so she's more aerodynamic...:D

Either way, we need pics of that race when the time comes :)
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