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Panda's coming to visit

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My BF's daughter is coming to town for spring break on Saturday. She's bringing her new puppy "Panda" with her...so I'll have a cute visitor for about a week. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.

Any tips on introductions and how to deal with mac'n'roe? I think they will be fine with a puppy (Mac met a basset hound puppy last weekend and played with a chihuaha)...I'm just worried about them getting too rough while playing?

My plan is to, when they arrive, take the three of them for a walk in the neighborhood all together. Then, at home, supervise supervise supervise and try to keep mac'n'roe calm. They will be separated most of the time..I'm just a little nervous.
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is she/he a tiny puppy? When Xena came home for the first time, we crated the boys and let her check them out and sniff them. Then, we crated her and let the boys sniff her for a bit. Then we let them all greet each other. Its amazing how older dogs are tolerant of puppies. Dont worry. Im sure they will get along!

Take pictures!!! :D
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