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Panda's coming to visit

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My BF's daughter is coming to town for spring break on Saturday. She's bringing her new puppy "Panda" with her...so I'll have a cute visitor for about a week. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.

Any tips on introductions and how to deal with mac'n'roe? I think they will be fine with a puppy (Mac met a basset hound puppy last weekend and played with a chihuaha)...I'm just worried about them getting too rough while playing?

My plan is to, when they arrive, take the three of them for a walk in the neighborhood all together. Then, at home, supervise supervise supervise and try to keep mac'n'roe calm. They will be separated most of the time..I'm just a little nervous.
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I do believe pictures will be in order... ; )
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