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Paging Xeph. Conformation critique

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This is my shepherd Callie...

tell me what you know

this is a conf shot, helicopters were doing manouvers above us, so excuse the worried expression on her face and her front legs going in what seems like 5 directions, it took me an hour to get a shot that good, because she kept running...


this is her movement, i lunged her like a horse, it was very successful


Be brutally honest
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Well, I can't see anything in her movement photos because she's so closed, but I can tell you a bit about what I do see.

By the way, sometimes it takes 3-4 people to stack an inexperienced dog.

One to Stack and hold the dog,
One to take the picture
and One or Two to act like idiots and make noise to keep the ears up.

I can tell you that she's a bit underangulated, croup is short and steep, so she'll lack power and drive in the rear, and most likely kick up.

She has a very straight front, which will limit her reach significantly.

That said, she has very nice things about her.

She has lovely bone, not overly heavy for her body, and not too fine (can be an issue in bitches). She seems to have a strong head, nice ear set, and her color is faboo.

Nice breadth of thigh, good strong neck, nice tight feet. She needs a bit more angulation in her pasterns.

Tail set is low and correct, topline looks strong, though her wither is a bit flat.

She's a pretty lil thing ^_^
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I think the trap that lots of conformation folks fall into when critiquing a dog, is that the owner of the dog loves it.

A dog may not always be my type, a dog many times will be, structurally speaking, pure crap. However...this does not detract from the overall picture of the dog for the person who loves it (nor should it).

Strauss is not structurally correct...but he is not unsound. A dog CAN be structurally correct but UNsound (for many reasons).

I still love him.

In fact, he officially became my service dog today :)

I try very hard to EDUCATE people on the dog they have/see/like, not tear that dog apart. There is something good in 99% of the dogs that will be viewed. Very rarely will there be a dog that is 100% terrible.

It's the heart of the dog that matters at the end of the day, no?
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