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Paging Xeph. Conformation critique

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This is my shepherd Callie...

tell me what you know

this is a conf shot, helicopters were doing manouvers above us, so excuse the worried expression on her face and her front legs going in what seems like 5 directions, it took me an hour to get a shot that good, because she kept running...


this is her movement, i lunged her like a horse, it was very successful


Be brutally honest
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as i opened this thread, i was just reading a letter from my teacher explaining why I only got 69% on my assignment, and I felt like dying and then you said she was pretty, so it all balanced out. YAY:p
So true. Callie may be 100% pet quality, but she is the BEST dog, I have ever owned, i'm currently saving up to buy a pup from some super german show lines late next year. should be exciting
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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