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Hey guys! I was on this forum a few years ago after I got my first puppy. A catahoula/whippet mix named Nova. I was looking for much needed advice as She was a HARD dog.. But she left me with so much knowledge and feeling like I could take on anything. Almost 4 years have passed now and I'm so happy with the progress we've made. I've learned so much and just adore her. I've been contemplating for a while about adding a new family member, recently a puppy came available and I'm very interested. So I'd like some advice.
I was told she is a coonhound, although she doesnt really look like it so maybe a mix? I'm not an expert. Shes 9 weeks old and the owner just doesnt have the space and time. But before anything is official Id like any and all information on the coonhound breed. What sorts of things should I expect, prepare for, train etc. So I can decide if shes the one for me. I dont think there'll be any issues introducing the 2 dogs as Nova LOVES puppies since she still acts like one :p But is it different with females? Whats the best way to introduce?

So coonhound owners take it away! Thanks
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