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I had a Cocker w/liver problems. It was treated with an ulcer med, an antibiotic, and 2 liver meds.

I think some of the meds were Famotidine (ulcer)
Metrozinold (sp?)

The important one was S-Adenosyl-225 That is supposedly proven to help the liver regenerate.

And I forget what the other med was.

Mine did good for about 8 months, but then her heart problem was getting worse, and she couldn't take the heart meds due to her liver.

Good luck with your baby. Seventeen is old for a dog, so you've obviously given him a good life. You could try treating the liver, but do listen to your vet. You certainly don't want your dog to suffer, so if you don't get good results w/treatment, don't let your dog linger in pain. I'm so sorry you are facing this. The fact that dogs live short lives compared to ours is the awful part of pet ownership.
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