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Join the K9KidneyDiet group, they have a list of suppliers. I just bought tubing and needles from ThrivingPets.com. Have bought from ValleyVet and Brico also carries this stuff. Depending on where the vendor and you are located you may need prescriptions for all or all but the needles. Tubing is $1.90 each from Thriving Pets and Brico, needles are pretty standard $6.50/100. I bought bags from my local pharmacy for $20 for 4 but now am getting 12 for $24 from Costco. Check Walmart and Target in your area as well. If you join the list there is a list of the numbers for the fluids which the pharmacy tech REALLY appreciated! The stuff is special order and hard for them to find on the supplier's lists. Hold out for Teurmo needles. They are sharper, MUCH sharper.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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