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Over socialization

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Hello. Long story short: we moved to a big house with over 50 windows and openings. My family consists of 2 babies (3&4 years old)my wife (working), a lady who helps for the house (and lives with us) and me (working hard :) away from home 7am to 6pm).

So we bought a female Doberman for company and protection/alert. To tell you the truth, I had many male dogs in the past but without the babies and always living in the yard and never inside the house and as near socialized as this one.

Now this Doberman is almost 10 months old, sleeps most of the nights in my bedroom (has left the crate) and she is just the sweetest dog in the neighbor: extremely socialized, extremely friendly with all small kids and with our visitors, very friendly with all other dogs even with some cats.

My question is: is it possible that I have over socialized her, so that she will not become a good guard dog? From some signs I would say no, for example we have changed our bell 3 times (!) and from the first day she knew that someone is coming (good sign) and was waiting in the door to greed him and/or play with him (not a good sign).
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My puppies are only 4 months old, but they have started growling (and sometimes barking until I thank them and tell them they can stop) when someone they don't know comes onto our property. Are you saying that's not normal?
Luna (Akita/GSD mix) started exhibiting guard behavior at just shy of 4 months. She barks/growls when she hears someone coming at the door, and then if it's someone she knows she stops barking. We did have one instance where she immediately took a liking to one of my friends (looked/acted similar to me) and stopped barking, but otherwise she doesn't stop until that person has proven him/herself to be a friend (we have to work on getting her to stop barking on command).

We're pretty much socializing the heck out of her... puppy class, inviting groups of people over, going to other people's houses, etc. and she still has that instinct to alert when someone comes onto "her" turf.

I don't know that she'd ever attack, and that's okay. I think just having a big dog barking in an intimidating fashion is enough deterrent.

I don't know that I'd ever want to be responsible for a dog trained to attack. I don't have the knowledge/know how and it just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Most (if not all) lawsuits involving a dog bite/attack end up with the dog getting euthanized, and I'm not willing to trade Luna's safety for my own.
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How many intruders do you suppose ring the doorbell prior to breaking in?
Is this directed at me? Where did I say anything about a doorbell?

Luna barks/growls when she hears someone. I would imagine it would be the same if she hears someone breaking through a window, etc.

BTW, she barks when we come home (until she realizes it's us) and we don't ring the doorbell. ;)
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