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Sophie is a 7 month old, well bred Golden. She doesn't have the hyper, please pay attention to me, I need you I need you characteristic that people so commonly think Goldens have. She's calm, and intelligent, and yes, attentive (in a good way).

Physically, she is exactly what a well bred Golden should be as far as AKC, CKC, UKC standards. She is short legged and has been mistaken twice for a NS Duck Toller. People are so used to seeing tall, leggy, large Goldens who have not been carefully bred that they don't realize she's a golden.

Duke is my rescue. He's also pretty calm (for a 7 month old puppy), except we do see more of the "I love you! I love you!" characteristics in him. I like it so I'm not complaining.

Physically, he's tall, leggy and he's going to be a biiig boy (he's about 3 or 4 inches taller than Sophie). He looks more like the Goldens that people are used to seeing these days.
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