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I posted a couple weeks ago about a fostering dilemma, and how we had a dog coming our way soon ... she has arrived! I have to share the story of how we got her, it still makes me laugh.

The foster coordinator sent me a picture the shelter forwarded her, and Lokum's bio which listed her as a 6 year old Pyr X. In the picture she looked to be around 80lbs and she sounded like such a sweetheart, we agreed to take her as soon as possible. She made the journey to Toronto, and we offered to pick her up from the kennel she was being held at there. My husband and I are waiting in the reception area, expecting a dog a little bigger than a Golden. Out saunters Lokum, a massive female 120lb Anatolian Shepherd!! My husband looked mortified and I was laughing so hard I was crying. I was so happy she was huge, I have always wanted a giant dog, and the look on my poor hubby's face was just priceless!! He was such a trooper and insisted we couldn't leave her there, she would come home with us and he was going to arrange the car so she could fit in it. She was snoring on the way home and the introduction to our resident dog, a 35lb Border Collie went fairly well. We have had her a couple days now and she has been a delight. She needs to lose some weight and 30 minute walks exhaust her, and she just sleeps for hours afterwards. She loves a good belly rub and bum scratch, and offering her giant paw enthusiastically for a treat. She is making our first foster experience a GREAT one, and my heart is so happy knowing she is here in our home instead of a shelter while waiting for her family.

Here are a couple pictures of her:
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Dog Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed
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