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A year ago, our beautiful dog, Lady, died unexpectedly. She was a husky-Kerliian bear dog cross. Some people think this hybrid would not make a good pet, but Lady was the very best ... gentle, affectionate, loyal. She was originally from Whitehorse, NWT (Canada) and she was flown to Ontario, but the family had to give her up. We got her from Kijiji. We also had a big Malamute, named Micha. He completely ruled our Lady. They were the best of friends, and Lady, who was only 6 months old when we got her, grew to love him as the leader of her pack. We think she might have been abused by her former owners because she was very shy with strangers, and she cowered if you you raised your hand above your head. Lady stayed by our side at all times, even on trips to the bathroom. She would wait by the door when we were outside. She loved car trips and we always took her with us. She loved her walks, but we didn't take her to the dog park because she was either scared or aggressive towards other dogs. She was very quiet in the house, until someone pressed the door bell, then she raised the roof. She loved running around the back yard, barking at any dogs on the path. She also liked to dig holes. She was very smart and completely understood everything that was going on in the house. She loved her treats. When we brought home two little ragdoll kittens, we kept her leashed at first due to her prey instinct, but she quickly learned that the kittens were protected and part of her pack. She became best buddies with the kittens in quick order. The rabbits in our back yard suffered a different fate. She was so strong, fast and powerful, they didn't stand a chance. Lady even try to chase some robin chicks fresh out of the nest, but the parent robins came swooping down to attack her, so we brought her inside right away. It's safe to say we never had any problems with Lady due to her breeding. We always kept her on her leash when we took her for a walk, because she would have taken off into the woods to chase squirrels or other small prey. There were skunks and deer in the woods, so we didn't want any dangerous encounters. We also had to keep her away from other dogs as she would raise a ruckus if any dog came too close. I would certainly get another husky-bear dog cross again, if I could find one, but they are very hard to find. I think this hybrid might have a bad reputation, but I don't know why, judging by our experience with Lady. She was a truly wonderful dog and pet, and we miss her so much.
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