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Our dog has got cancer

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Morning All,

Our Rollo has been diagnosed with cancer, and in a week he lost so much weight, lumps on him, shallow breathing, this morning runny stool and just laying around.
Last year we lost 2 dogs due to old age and when we had to make the choice it were to late because we were more worried about our feelings and afterwards realized we were not fair to them.
Now we sit with Rollo and looking at him we must make a choice and would like to think of him and not of our hearts we want to be fair to him.
So the question when is the right time?
Or when do I know it is time?
What makes things worse for us we rescue dogs and will not allow any dog down unless it is absolutely needed.
Please help me with this problem
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Where do you rescue dogs? I've never heard of a rescue that would not be ok with you putting down a dog that is clearly in pain from cancer.

I'm so sorry. From what you're saying, I would probably do it now, personally.
It sounds like he is suffering.
Better a week too soon than an hour too late.

I am so sorry.
Thank you all for your concern, he went down so quickly we went to the doctor yesterday, and we allowed him to go too the rainbow bridge and he were so peaceful and now we realize again we must not think of our heart ache. We will miss him so much
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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