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Im a nervous wreck. Our little terrier always barks at the mailman from the window for years. (hes born 2012) This time my mom came out and the mailman happen to be comming up and he burst out barking and took a snap at his ankle. Minor cut with little blood. He said it hurts but hes ok, didnt want any medical help.(our dog is up to date on his shots) So usps supervisor comes out takes note and says he just gonna report to the post office and left. So for my understanding, if and when they report it to animal control they will eventully show up and keep him for 10 days. And if hes aggressive towards them in the 10 days they can put him to sleep? Our dog is only aggressive protecting us and the house, when hes out on walks or dog parks hes fun and playful. Im scared he might be aggressive to animal control while we are not around.. My daughter is devistated thinking he may be put down. Anyone been in this situation? Im already preparing for a possible lawsuit :(

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Different communities may handle this in different ways. In our town (don't ask me how I know this) if you have proof of current rabies vaccine, the dog is under house arrest for three weeks. He can't leave the house except on a leash, and then only in your own yard. During that time, you make three vet visits to make sure the dog has no symptoms. After three week, the vet signs off and you take the paperwork to the county health department. You'd also be held responsible for any medical expenses and likely get a citation. It can get expensive but at least not fatal to the dog.

If you don't have proof of current vaccination, the dog is quarantined by the county at your expense.

This is probably a pretty generous protocol, especially for repeat offenders.

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Depending on your city ordinances, local and state laws......you may be in a hard place with few options.

In short, your dog was not in control. Any injury is directly your responsibility.

You can make claim that your dog is only aggressive at certain times, but that is a meaningless claim under the law. How is a person to know what or when a dog is aggressive? This claim is only a weak excuse for lack of control by the owner.

Sorry to be so hard, but I have little sympathy for situations like this. AS THE OWNER, you must accept the responsibility.

Did you pay for the mailman's medical?
Do you have proof of current rabies vaccinations?
What actions are you taking to prevent this reoccurring?
Did you report the incident to the USPS or to Animal Control?
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