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I am so very sorry you are facing this.

These are the questions I would ask the vet:

How much time do you think we have if we do nothing and keep her comfortable until such time as she is obviously suffering and then ease her out of pain through euthanization?

How much time do you think we will gain if we amputate her leg and do chemotherapy?

I have a very practical vet (I love my vets!). I had an animal with cancer and he was straight forward. He said we can operate and cause you animal to suffer through recovery and cost you quite a lot of money and you will get 6 months.

He said we can treat with (he named a course of action) and cost you a lot less money and a lot less suffering for the animal and you might get 120 to 180 days (about the same amount if time).
I elected the palliative option. I actually got a year and the only suffering was my broken heart.

I wish you the very best in your decision which only you can make.
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