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Hi, this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEaXvEbLTVg&feature=channel
is of my 2 cats Gus and Maurice who have been paralysised by Champion pet foods Orijen. Gus and Maurice cannot run, roll in the sun, climb their cat trees,wash themselves, and play with each other. I don't know if my cats will survive or regain the use of their hind legs or further in time have major organ failure. This is what 4 months of eating Orijen cat food for 50% of their diet did to them. Gus is incontinent, he has to be hand fed, carried everywhere and hydrated by syringe by the 2/21/09 he has not walked for 36 days. Three cats have died of seizures, one of a spinal tumor. Fifteen have been euthanized and the number is rising. Over 100 cats have been affected from a few hundred that consumed Orijen. It should not matter that only cats in Australia are ill, your dog community is again being hit with another recall with salmonella infected pet peanut butter. Don't turn your back on us in Australia, please reconsider buying Orijen food and giving your money to the coffers of Champion petfoods when they have caused the deaths of cats and the unnecessary suffering of many loved companions.
The vet report

How could Champion, Orijen petfoods be unaware of the documentation needed, the signed paperwork to allow the irradiation to occur,payment for the treatment and arrangement for the goods to be taken to and picked up from the irradiation treatment plant. Can Champion really be aware of the quality control of their suppliers because they certainly didn't bother when they sold their contaminated food in Australia. Why didn't Champion label their food that it was irradiated.

Champions compassion fund is a insult, the vets cannot prescribe any medication, there is no conventional drugs to help our cats, only time, physio and hopefully supplements may help, which are not covered by Champions compassion fund
Their fund goes to a maximum of $2000.00 Australian dollars which converts to US$1284.00 or Can$1600.00 and finishes at the end of May 2009 and only pays vet bills.

From the Champion web site
A: Non-veterinary items are limited to the following:
Training Pads I need these because Gus is incontinent
Specialized Litter Boxes Whats a specialized litter box as I have to help Maurice get into his kitty litter box
Exercise Pens I have to place Maurice in this at night and when I go out to keep him from hurting himself
Feeding syringes I need these to hydrate Gus because he cannot drink
I need these because Orijen poisoned my cats and Champion offer me a lousy AUS$100.00 for their negligence

Thank you for any support you can show us

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that sucks

hopefully aus will soon implement a governing body, like they said.
as it stands, they need to prove that irradiating the food didn't cause the problems. which since aus is the only country to do that, and they're the only ones suffering from the issues... well ... 2+2=4

i watched on discovery (i think), about how australian aboriginals are now hunting and killing (and eating) feral cats, as those cats have destroyed and nearly exterminated the local inhabitants.
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