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Orange County Cali - rent with dogs

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Hey everyone :)

Im new here! I currently live in Kentucky but in october i plan to move to OC.
I am uber excited! However worried, because I will be renting..
with 5 dogs!

is this going to be impossible or is there some hope?

I have a
chow mix (50lb) border collie mix (60lb) Hound/aussie mix (55lbs) a shih tzu and a jack russell/yorkie mix (both about 10lbs)

none of my dogs are obedience trained and i admit that the chow mix is badly behaved (were working on it!)

So, what do you think I am in for? any tips or suggestions.

i do NOT wish to rehome any of my dogs :( but i might have to
this move was totally unexpected

two of those dogs are my moms, who is disabled now and lives with me. and one is my fiance's. and two are mine.
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Are any of your dogs Emotional support animals ??? If you or your mom are disabled and your Dr has reccomended a support animal ( all you need is a letter on letter head or prescrition pad ) then you are exempt from any no pet policies and cannot be charged pet fees. That was the ONLY thing that saved me when I had to rent an apt a couple years ago!!
FYI, Emotional support animals do not have public access rights under the ADA as "Service dogs" ; there are some housing specific rules though...

The Fair Housing Act protects individuals who have disabilities as defined by the Act. In order to be protected by the Fair Housing Act with regard to service animals, 3 tests must be met:

1. The person must have a disability
2. The animal must serve a function directly related to the person's disability.
3. The request to have the service animal must be reasonable.

Generally, if a dog is destructive or badly behaved, even if it is a service animal or companion animal it can be denied access if complaints against it are substantiated. And of course, additional non-service/non-emotional support animals wouldn't qualify under the Fair Housing Act rules and the regular pet policies would apply to them.

I suggest posting an ad on craiglist looking for places to rent with 3 dogs and if you find some potential places, also offering up a double damage deposit since you admit one of the dogs is badly behaved. Of course, be on the lookout for scammers and don't pay anything through the mail, without seeing the house and verifying that you are really dealing with the owner etc.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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