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Hey guys, I have some questions. My folks have this dog who Izze never got on with when she was alive in fact that's why I had to take her because they kept getting into fights & my folks were forced to put her into a kennel when they weren't there. I never saw what set Izze off when it came to Yumi (she got on fine with all the other dogs), but the other day I think I see what Izze hated about Yumi: I will try to explain as best as I can.

When I play fetch with bear (folks JRT) or even Josefina she always chases after them & growls & barks & bites at them. Also when Josefina & buddy wrestle when one another she does the same thing, I have been stopping her by body blocking her & she stops.

Also when it's time to go out for thr day it's like pulling teeth to get her out, she hides under thr desk & you have to practically drag her out from undee thr desk by pulling the bed she lays on & she comes with it. I raised this dog when I was home unemployed for a while (a yr) & she was never like this, my folks say she sometimes does this with them but my folks are notorious for babying dogs (mom sits next to bear & coo coos him & coaxes him to eat; I just set his food down & leave him to it, he knows that with me he has 15 min. So, why does she do this?
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