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Ok, I have a seven year old mini dachshund/mini poodle/min pin mix that I got from my mother a few days ago & she is scheduled to be fixed at the beginning of next month. She was taken to the vet about two weeks ago (She was taken by my mother to the vet before I received her) for a yellow, foul smelling vaginal discharge & was given a week's worth of Clavamox. It has been a week since she took the last pill & she's still having discharge. However, this one is different. It is creamy white & doesn't have any sort of odor (except for the one time it had a faint scent of urine). She has no symptoms of anything being wrong and is as active & healthy as she usually is; her eating, drinking, & bathroom habits haven't changed either. Interestingly enough, sometimes when the discharge leaks onto a blanket, it is completely clear when dry & other times it is white. Could this still be open Pyometra? I'm taking her into the vet first thing in the morning, but they don't seem to think anything is wrong; even though they seemed to be concerned when I first took her in for the yellow discharge. I know that if in fact it is open Pyometra, the vet bill will be high, so I'm prepared for that...even if I have to pawn or sell every material possession I own, she will get whatever treatment she needs.
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