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omg what a nub rider

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omg see this nub rider ...

its amazing but what if he fells of .. he cud get hurt real bad

video shot in my city

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Pfffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttt. I would call AC or the police and ask them to throw that jack*ss in jail if I saw that. This makes me so angry. Same with people who let their dogs ride loose in the back of an open truck.
What irresponsibility. It takes common sense, that's all, to know that it's dangerous to let your dog sit on the back of your freaking motorcycle -unbuckled, especially- and go for a joy ride at twenty, thirty, forty miles per hour down the highway! Absolutely ridiculous!

And buckled or unbuckled, that dog shouldn't have been on there.
I would have called AC or the police. That is incredibly dangerous, not only would it be easy for the dog to fall off, stuff could fly into its eyes and ears.
i would have called but i wasnt the one who took the video ..and i wasnt there on sight
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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