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DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that animals only synthetize in small quantities and therefore must be supplied through food or food supplements. DHA plays a crucial role in brain function and the resolution of inflammation in animals, including dogs, cats and horses.
The control of inflammation is important for many acute and chronic diseases such as dermatitis, otitis, periodontitis or arthritis. Traditional veterinary medications for inflammation only control symptoms and fail to treat the root of the problem. Recently discovered mediators derived from DHA (resolvins or protectins) play a critical role in resolving and healing inflammation.

DHA for Developing Puppies

DHA is especially important for the development of the nervous system and visual abilities of animals during their last third of gestation and first 9 months of life.

A daily supplementation of DHA should be used in pregnant and lactating animals for proper brain and nervous system development of the offspring. The treatment should be continued in the young animals for at least 3 months after weaning. Improvement in neurological development will play a role in enhancing the human-animal bond.

DHA For Adult Dogs

Older dogs often experience a decrease in brain DHA, frequently resulting in disorientation, lack of responsiveness, uneasiness with visitors, disturbance in sleep-wake cycles and house soiling. DHA reduces these symptoms in senior dogs and may also reduce the risk of heart and kidney diseases.
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