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Our 13 yo rescue lab/chow mix has surprised us living this long, having had a horrific start of abuse and neglect. She has had two unexplained neurological events, seen by by specialists, and has done well since being on seizure meds. She had slowed down a tad over summer, not as much running, slower on stairs, etc. After thanksgiving, her back right leg swelled significantly, with a pitted edema. Four days into doxy, she was a new dog, bouncing around again. Three days before doxy was to end, she started intermittently limping, but still bright, wagging her tail, etc. Since then, she's been slowly declining, with bright moments here and there, but basically, not truly rebounding. We are having a tough, icy winter, not much for footing, and she's trepidatious outside. We tried galiprant, which she's stimm on, added gabapentan, but that made her more mopey.Took her off, she brightened for a few days . X-rays and blood work is clear. She limps, excessively upon waking, works out of it a tad midday, after a small dose of tramadol, which she now gets twice a day. Will go for a slow walk, enjoys sniffing around, but her gait is double legged in the back, and very slow. She is now typically low headed, dull eyes, tail low. She still eats, but almost seems reluctant to open her mouth wide or chew. Stairs are hard, even her front legs seem weak. Break my heart, altho, as I stated, its remarkable she is 13. We are bringing her for an ultrasound. Called Cairo for appt. Only odd thing vet saw was her abdomen is hard. No masses. Eats, drinks, poops, pees,.. not a stream tho, it stops and starts. So also doing a urinalysis. Just curious if this rings any bells for anyone else. She's gone downhill in three weeks it seems. Won't let her suffer, and won't cart her around and stress her with multiple tests, facilities. Just curious if any of it is familiar for anyone else. Thanks.
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