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Older Dog Crate Training

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Hi everyone, I have a 4 yr old dachshund who needs to be crate trained. I have read a lot of info on the subject and am well aware that is takes time. The problem is I have to put her in the crate before she is accustomed to it. She freaks out when in it, and she is able to get out of the crate by biting on the bars enough to jiggle the lock open. I had a carabiner to keep it in place but she broke through that. Now I have a lock with a key to keep her in there. I have to put her in it when I go to work, I leave at 7:00am come home at 11:30am for lunch, take her out/ walk for 20 or 30 mins, leave at 12:30pm back home at 5:00pm. She she is not in the crate all day long and does get exercise between crating times.

There are no specifications as to how long/ many times we should work on getting use to being in the crate. Should we practice 5 mins? 30 mins? once/ twice a day? Is it possible to be able to get her comfortable with the crate eventually even if I have to force her in it? Also with her determination to get out of the crate do you think bitter apple will work on stopping her from biting at the bars on the door? I'm very worried about her teeth.
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