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I have 2 American Eskimos: jack is 6 and max is about 11. I adopted Max from rescue
When he was about 8, so he has been here for a little over 3 years. He was abused and neglected.
I share a back yard with neighbors--live in the city. They have a new puppy, about 12 weeks. max barks constantly at the puppy when they are in the yard together. My other dog loves to play with the puppy.
I have tried putting him back in the house, using treats, walking him around the yard on a leash while they are out and he still won't stop the barking.he doesn't show any aggression toward the puppy. He will growl at him, if he runs by, but I haven't seen anything that is abnormal for an older dog reacting to a puppy.
Just need some suggestions on the barking problem.
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