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With the food rewards, you can use dry kibble, but she will do better if you use high value rewards such as sausage, chicken, shredded ham, roast lamb etc. When she does something really well and quick, give her a jackpot reward.

Treats should be no bigger than your little finger nail and should be delivered within 3 seconds of the click.

You can fade the food rewards as you progress and substitute a really good cuddle with a "Goooood Giiiirl ' praise but always remember the jackpot.

Most important aspect with clicker training is your timing. You have to click the exact action you want. So when looking for a sit, you only click when the bum hits the floor. Early is not to serious because the dog is still going down, but if you are late you may be clicking a bounce up.

Read up on shaping a dog. This teaches the dog to use its brain and whilst lots of patience on your part is required, it is incredibly rewarding to see your dogs brain working out what he needs to do to earn his reward.
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