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BCs are ultra-intelligent, whether or not you train them. They are very observant to body language and gestures, and they love to train people :)

You have an overlap of training methods: lure training using food (the old method) and clicker training (primary rule is that a click ALWAYS means a treat!).

This may not be accurate, but if you look at it this way, it may help: She does not know how to Sit on cue; she 'thinks' that she has taught you to give her a treat, if she Sits, Downs, etc. So, to fine tune her response, you want to 're-train' her with one behavior, then you keep upping the ante.
For example:
1. Fido, Sit! Then she walks around, and sits sloppy. You praise and give her a treat. Repeat 3 times. Stop the training session.
2. New session a few hours later: Fido, Sit! She walks around, starts to take out a cigarette and light it (anything but SIT!). You say Oops! and kinda begin to walk away, ignoring her. (The Oops! is a non-aversive, No Reward Marker (NRM) telling her that her behavior wasn't correct.)
3. Same Session: She comes back and Sits (Don't give her a treat, unless you anticipate and say Sit before she does it.)
4. Take a few steps backwards so that she follows, then say "Fido, Sit!" If she does a little better praise and treat, Otherwise Oops! etc.
5. Incrementally, increase your requirement for rewarding a good Sit. With a trained BC, you might increase the speed of these cycles, but not required.

You can do roughly the same process with the clicker...
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