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Hi all. I have a 6yo Olde English named Stella. This year she started getting interdigital cysts on her feet and severely red itchy skin. Her behavior indicates that she just does not feel well. She has been to the vet on multiple occasions, and the treatments have not helped. At this point I am soaking her feet in warm Epsom salt water 20 minutes a day and putting salve on her feet with dog shoes so she doesn't lock it off. The put her on Science Diet Z/D and had her on antibiotics and steroids. When the meds stopped or I stop the soaking everything comes back.
Any suggestions? I just want her to feel better.
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Aww, poor angel.

You may have already tried these things, but a few ideas that might help:
-Make sure household cleaners and detergents are hypoallergenic
-Wear the booties outside to prevent contact with plants, etc.
-Try an elimination diet, as food allergies can cause skin reactions: Feeding an Elimination Diet
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