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We have three dogs, two just seem to get the idea of going outside, but one is an older female basset, we found her as an adult dog a few years ago, so we didn't raise her as a pup and got to potty train her. She didn't really have too much of a problem when we got her, but she did pee in the house.
My job is very inconsistent with hours, I could go in at 4am, then 9am, or even 12. So the routine thing is hard, but I always take her out before I go to work, or my husband will, but I am the main care taker of the dogs.
We make sure she pees, but sometimes she pees in the house anyway. Even while she sleeps! She has pooped in her sleep, too.
She has warped the hardwood floors in our hallway and caused a lot of damage. We are fed up but my husband ever more so, because he even suggested just rehoming her. We put puppy pads all over the floor but she walks on them and they move around, exposing the actual floor.
Two years ago, she had surgery for a herniated disk in her back that paralyzed her. When she fully healed, she stopped peeing in the house completely for like, 6 months. Then suddenly she started again.

I have bought MANY dog beds, but she ALWAYS pees in them within one week. I have since stopped buying beds, which I find unfair for the other dogs.

I've obsessively watched "It's Me or the Dog" episodes, but the biggest thing Victoria Stilwell says is the routine thing.
So being that my work schedule is all over the place, how can I effectively potty train an old, stubborn dog?

Thank you in advance. 馃惗馃惗馃惗

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It sounds like she's incontinent, since she's peeing and pooping in her sleep. There is a good chance it's related to her back issues. I would talk to your vet about what medical interventions could be implemented. In the meantime, diapers/pants would probably not be a bad idea.

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Agree with LeoRose - an adult dog with normal and healthy bladder/bowel control will not pee or poop in their sleep. This very likely isn't a training issue, but some kind of physical problem. Spinal issues can definitely impact a dog's ability to control their bladder and/or bowels, so it could well be related to her back issues. Definitely talk to your vet and, as LeoRose said, manage her in the meantime so she's easier to clean up after.

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Is she spayed? Spay incontinence is pretty common and unfortunately treatments are hit or miss but worth a try.

I would suggest crating her when you're not home and diapering her the rest of the time. As for the beds I always put trash bags over the foam pads and put the cover back on over it to waterproof them, this would save the bed but you'll have to wash the cover regularly.
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