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OK to leave a 1 year old for 11 days?

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My pup is almost a year old and we are thinking of taking a vacation. We would be leaving our pup at a boarding kennel where we have have left her for daycare occasionally (she loves it). We are comfortable with this facility in all respects and like the owner and trust her. My question though is will our pup still love us if we leave her and do dogs understand time as we do? I know this is a silly question but this is my first puppy and I don't want to traumatize her!~:redface: Thanks.
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If she is already familiar with the facility and staff and you are comfortable with it as well then I think she will be just fine. She will definitely still love you and will probably be overjoyed to see you when you return but I'm sure she will have a lot of fun while you are away as well.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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