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Ok, I know I am gonna pick a Border Collie, but a final question remains...

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After doing really heavy research about Border Collie, I'm fairly sure that the breed is for me.

However, something concerns me.

I hear theres a lot of problems with females with new-time BC owners. I really don't feel like having a b*tch in my house trying to dominate me and being serious, so a male would probably fit me better as he is more chill and goofy. Mind you, I am NOT a new dog owner. I've had lots. But what I've read about female BC owners..sounds like a hassle. With all the nipping and what not.


So, any BC owners that can help me out - do you think I should go for male or do you think it wont matter?
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As for me, I don't think there's much difference between the male and female other than the female being more down to business. Since you've had other dogs before, then I don't think you'll have much of a problem with a Border Collie, as long as you know the needs of the Border Collie. Nell was my first BC, and she's a gem. But if I'm not on my game, like when I was online and lost track of time, she had my blanket in the master bedroom torn to shreds, lol. They love looking for the filler, lol. I had white filler all over the room, lol.

So, I wouldn't be concerned about male or female. My neighbors male BC is just as bonkers as my female. I just recommend that if you are looking into rescue, then spend some time with the BC before you make the committment. Visit several times. Also be open to other BC's as well, and that right one will pop out, and it may be a male, or it may be a female. Just don't jump on the first one you see. Get to know them first.

So, any BC owners that can help me out - do you think I should go for male or do you think it wont matter?
It doesn't matter.... ;)
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one thing that i'd like to point out is that i have yet to meet the BC that really wants to "dominate" their owner....they like a partnership, not a domination...
That is exactly how Nell is. No domination at all... ;)
but, i'll bet she sure likes that partnership, right?....i know mine respond sooo much better when i approach things as partners than as "do as i say, cuz i'm the boss"
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