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Ok, I know I am gonna pick a Border Collie, but a final question remains...

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After doing really heavy research about Border Collie, I'm fairly sure that the breed is for me.

However, something concerns me.

I hear theres a lot of problems with females with new-time BC owners. I really don't feel like having a b*tch in my house trying to dominate me and being serious, so a male would probably fit me better as he is more chill and goofy. Mind you, I am NOT a new dog owner. I've had lots. But what I've read about female BC owners..sounds like a hassle. With all the nipping and what not.


So, any BC owners that can help me out - do you think I should go for male or do you think it wont matter?
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I'm sort of curious, why do you think a border collie is the right dog for you? I think you might be underestimating their drive, since you have no real plans for the dog.

I love border collies, but the one I knew with no real job or purpose other than to be a pet, was totally neurotic. She was a good dog (a very good dog) but she was really bored and loopy. It seems a little like missing the point when you're worried about males vs. females of the breed, rather than the training and the work the dog will need to do to be a well-rounded dog.

And around here (Appalachia), a well-bred border collie goes for $1200. (I think. No less than that, from the breeder I know of)
tirluc, you beat me to it! (I was going to use the exact phrase "barking up the wrong tree")

I would recommend checking out English Springer Spaniels, especially for an apartment dog. They are also sporty and hardworking, but are much more about pleasing their owner/handler. (I don't know if they are more/less so than BCs, but they DO want to please their handler) They are about the same size although a bit stockier. And I would go through a rescue since there are so many in rescue. Lots of people have trouble getting past the 8 month crazies.

But while BCs are not recommended for apartments, Springers do fine in apartments with sufficient exercise. My dog is a mix of the 2 (and probably other random breeds, but ESS and BC are her dominent ones) and she mellows out nicely in our small-ish house.

Also, just an aside, I think you have grossly underestimated your costs.
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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