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Ok, I know I am gonna pick a Border Collie, but a final question remains...

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After doing really heavy research about Border Collie, I'm fairly sure that the breed is for me.

However, something concerns me.

I hear theres a lot of problems with females with new-time BC owners. I really don't feel like having a b*tch in my house trying to dominate me and being serious, so a male would probably fit me better as he is more chill and goofy. Mind you, I am NOT a new dog owner. I've had lots. But what I've read about female BC owners..sounds like a hassle. With all the nipping and what not.


So, any BC owners that can help me out - do you think I should go for male or do you think it wont matter?
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I really don't feel like having a b*tch in my house trying to dominate me and being serious,

I would be more concerend about thinking a dog could "dominate" me than whether or not a BC is right or a male and a female is right....

Border Collies, male or female, with lots of drive will show herding tendencies, which may include herding people. If you get a BC I hope beyond hope you plan on a couple of hours a day (minimum) workout PLUS lot of training and some sort of JOB for the dog (like agility or herding).

A BC that is not tired and is bored will come up with things to do. Those things may not be the things you want either. Maybe you have considered all of this, but it is worthwhile to consider it AGAIN b4 you get the dog.
Agree with all the partnership comments. BC's are not servants. Fact is, most dogs I have been around do better as partners than as servants.

I was going to get a BC and ended up getting another GSD instead. Trust me.. I still would like a BC but for now one dog is enough. I studied BC's and talked to their owners and spent a LOT of time with the breed.. and I still love them a lot. Partners they are. A more intelligent breed of dog you cannot find. :)

FWIW $1500 for a dog from a reputable breeder is not an excessive price.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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