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Ohhh Piggy.... always keeping me on my toes

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Ohhhh Piggy....what are we gonna do with you?? So towards the end of class tonight, I'm putting all my treats away in their appropriate packages, and Piggy grabs a squeaky toy out of my bag. She's playing with it while I finish putting everything away, and I look over and she had ripped a hole in it and had the entire squeaker part of it in her mouth, which is inside a little bag....pretty decent sized. Trainer had a treat right there so told her to drop it and held out the treat....... "GULP"....yup, entire thing, bag and squeaker...gone. Rather than waiting to see if it passed through or not and risk needing emergency surgery for intestinal blockage, I decided to induce vomiting once we got home with some peroxide instead. She absolutely HATED me shoving a turkey baster down her throat (I swear if she wasn't so calm natured she prob would have bit my hand right off. Lets just say I had to move my oven back into place afterwards), but we had to do it and finally got enough down that it made her puke, and luckily everything came right back up. Phew!! I swear never a dull moment with this girl around, lol (and I don't think I even posted about her crashing my car in a parking lot a couple weeks ago.... )

So.... possible disaster averted, I guess... But yea this was in Piggys stomach for about 2 hours. It's a couple inches around, I'd imagine that might be kinda hard to pass through

Then she laid down and took a nap after I had to give her an upset tummy :( She felt better not long after though and was back to herself, and ate dinner and all and then played with Riley

And poking her head out the window as she always does on the way to class, lol

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Poor piggy!
Gotta ask...How did she crash your car???
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