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My new puppy Gizmo was in my arms while we were lying down on the couch, the couch was up (the reclaner) and he stumbled over the edge, and I reached out to get him but then he fell...He cried I went to see if he was ok..after a while he was still walking around playing normally, but would whimper every once in a while...So I put him in his bed to let him have some alone time, he is now sleeping, I keep checking on him and when I try to pick him up, he whines just a bit.....

THANK GOD he is going to the vet today (in a hour or so)....But I was just still so ashamed and worried about him...

He is just 7 weeks old, a toy breed, and hardly weighs a pound, he feels like a kitten when you pick him up.

I feel so ashamed of him falling....just so very worried....his eyes are at the point where you are about to sleep but not, I was am so afraid that was something...But the last time I picked him up his eyes were opened all the way..then he put them back down like he was going to go to sleep....

He does sleep a lot, so that isn't a bad thing that he's sleeping now in his bed.....

I just wanna know....will he be ok?
Accidents happen I know, but don't you feel so horrible that you let it happen? ;-;
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