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oh gosh...

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I took both my dogs to the dog park today, and they had a blast. After running around for awhile, China came and laid down by me. While she was laying down, she had some urine coming out. It was dripping then a small stream, then drippings. She got up and started running around again. Then she laid down and still she was dripping.

Do you think she was just tired or do you think she is just getting old? I'm going to call the vet on Monday (as I don't see this as an emergency). I'll definately keep my eye on her the rest of the weekend.
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Well, she didn't do it at all today, so I'm thinking she was just too tired to get up. I'll keep a close eye on her though.
How old is she?

Sounds like it could be a one-time or tiredness thing. You're doing the right thing by keeping an eye on her.
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