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So I got back from walking my dog, but there was a twist today, one that I wasn't expecting.
We were really close to home after walking around our neighborhood, and we had just arrived at the field near my house where I let him roam off-leash for like 15 minutes. When I had let him off leash everything had seemed normal, until I noticed my dog was running very weirdly. Head way up but his tail in-between his legs. So my first reaction is just to call him back before he freaks out more and runs back into the street. He ignored me the first time but came back the second time, which was confusing me because he always responds on the first time.
I looped his leash around his neck so he doesn't slip off his collar with his freaking out and we sit down, and the whole time I'm trying to figure out what is triggering his fear. Cars, dogs barking across the street, every sound is getting his attention.
It's not until I walk him around a bit do I notice he's really freaking out over the dogs, the dogs barking is what is really setting him off. Mainly because we walked right by where the dogs were barking and the cars weren't getting a huge reaction from him, but the dogs did. I didn't exact have any treats or anything on me, so I couldn't break his focus and constant looking around. I ended up taking off running with him to get him focused on running and not on anything else around him, which thank god that started to work, and to burn off more of his energy.
Then I took him back to where the dogs were but I was across the street from there, he started to get a little nervous again so we just jogged up and down that sidewalk over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Eventually his tail was getting out of his legs and he was relaxing. As the final test, I took him across the street to where the dogs were still barking and we walked by there and at first a little nervous but after the 3rd pass by, he got curious, and his tail went up and wagging like it always does. Tons of praise and we did a couple more passes and we ended the walk in the field, and headed home for some water.

This all took like an extra 30 minutes in really hot and humid weather. We would have been home way before the heat really set in, but since we had to stay out longer it got hot as hell.
And that's how my day started, with a random freak out from my dog.What a pain but, I guess these things happen sometimes.
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