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Offleashin' with Nard and Summer (pic heavy)

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Nard's first attempt offleash- he did fabulous!

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That's Ace

Graffiti from 1936

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Gorgeous! Your camera does such a good job of making me feel I was standing right there looking at graffiti from 1936. : P

Your dogs are gorgeous... I love little Nard, and Summer is such a sweetheart.
I always enjoy your pictures, and I'm sooo jealous of your camera. ^.^

You have gorgeos pooches, I always like updates on how Summer is doing. What a cutie. :)
Wow, the fourth picture of the first post is quite striking. Your dogs are always so beautiful!
to Laurelin

your last photo of the first set! - wow, fantastic photograph

I have a background in photography and was considering going pro there for a while - that is how to take a great photo!!
Thanks so much everyone! I would love to take real photography lessons. I really am starting to love taking pictures.
Well your pics are awesome. i have a d60 but what ever you do with yours is better than whatever i am doing with mine?:confused:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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