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Odd response to a bit of kibble

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Our new sheltie, Jake, has been on California Natural for the two days that we have had him. We got a sample pack of foods and offered one piece for him to try (orijen puppy).

Jake would take it in his mouth (sometimes for a number of seconds), drop it, rub his muzzle on it. Then repeat this several times over the next 30 minutes. He eventually broke it down into a few pieces, but never actually ate the entire thing.

I have heard that animals rub their muzzles to "mark" their scent on things, but what was this behavior?

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Not sure but our dog does the same thing with a new food, although she rubs her whole body on it and rolls all over it. It's very funny to watch. Eventually she does eat it.
My mutt and doxie take a piece of kibble at a time and bring it away from the dish to roll around on it, rub their faces on it, and play with it like they're cats. They'll do this for like 10 pieces before actually eating their meal.
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