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I used to work from home. When I made lunch, he would run downstairs. When I start to eat my lunch, he runs back up.

Every Sunday evening, I go to my parents place for dinner. He use to run right into the house. Now he's afraid to go in.

It's obvious that something in the house spooked him. I never knew what it was. He would literally hop out of the car and run the other direction. I had no idea what was scaring him. But it certainly came from within my parents house.

Well the other day, I finally figured it out. It looks as though my little Yorkie is afraid of the kitchen fan above the stove, which explains a lot (when I cook and when my mom cooks).

Just to test it out, I held him next to the oven and turned on the fan above. His ears perked up and he looked away like he wanted out.

Problem solved but surely weird. Wondering if anyone has encountered this problem with their dogs.
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