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Any of you have a dog that has a hint to extreme OCD over something? I do..Our nearly 2 year old Female Yellow Lab Sophie has become obsessed with the laser pointer (not so bad as the dog that was on that Dog Whisperer show, more of a funny thing that's not 24/7...just when she's in the kitchen)

Here are some shots of her enjoying her life so much because I have the laser pointer...Enjoy

She's not fat, but when she gets excited and squirrelly its like her body squishes from either side...ahaha
Animals, My Babies 004.jpg

Animals, My Babies 005.jpg

Animals, My Babies 006.jpg

Animals, My Babies 009.jpg

She loves the laser pointer on the refrigerator the most for some reason
Animals, My Babies 010.jpg

Animals, My Babies 013.jpg

Animals, My Babies 015.jpg

She starts lookin' a little squinty eyed when she gets tired
Animals, My Babies 019.jpg
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