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I have a query, that perhaps breeders might be able to advise or others?

My neighbour has a pit bull bitch, and moved into next door about 2 yrs ago. The dog is a unspeyed bitch, who is a excellent escape artist. In Victoria Australia, there is current legislation that all Pit's found wander street, are PTS. So a huge risk. Try as they might, they have not been able to stop the dog getting out.

It was bored n lonely, so learnt to climb into my garden and play with my 2 dogs. The neighbours dont walk this dog, it just spends from 7.30am till 6.30pm alone at home. So about a year ago, they got a pup to keep it company. A male Airedale. Long story short, the dog is pregnant! grrrrrr

She's a lovely natured dog, very obedient to me and my son who also plays with her.
Recently i have moved to a new home, and my son remains in old house as my tenant. The pups are due soon, and he wants one. Loves the pit mum, and thinks a pup would be good. He asked how she would go with her pup being removed, yet next door. Surely this would encourage visits even more?

The more she gets out, the greater the chance of being picked up by dog warden and Put to sleep. My son wants a pup, but not if it will mean the mom gets PTS for visiting.

Im not sure, as im a male dog owner, never bred, so dont know what mum dogs do?
Any advice?

I have suggested that once they get rid of pups, they may get rid of dam too. As they have a new dog, the Airdale (spelling?).

Its a back yard breed of two uncared for dogs, a disaster i know.

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Would a shelter take the dog in and get it spayed? We have free spay your Pit days here in SF. You are thinking of another dog why not take the Pit? Maybe your son would take the Pit and a pup.... The pup could be perfectly healthy, its just a gamble (as many things are in life)....And then you guys could get her spayed....
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