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Obsessed with my feet

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Hey Guys,

we’re first time dog owners and have a beautiful black lab puppy (16 weeks old) for the last two weeks. She’s a great little dog and we’re working hard on training with her which she picks up on very quickly! But we are really stuck in what to do with how obsessed the puppy is with my feet. There’s 3 adults living in the home and she only goes for my feet, she bites my shoes, socks and bare feet constantly. We are teaching her “leave it” at the moment and for some things she seems to have the hang of it but for other things ( like my feet) she’s a bit more stubborn and keeps biting. I’ve tried making a loud/ high pitched noise but that only seems to make her more excited . Distraction doesn’t work when she’s focused on my feet either. Currently I’m trying to leave the room and ignore her for 30 seconds when she does it but sometimes I literally can’t move with the grip she does have in my feet. the ignoring might work for about 5 minutes before she’s back at it again. Today she bite my feet to the point of drawing blood. I’ve also tried the spray that’s meant to stop biting which she doesn’t seem to even notice! We’re just a bit confused as it only seems to be my feet that she does it to so we’re finding it hard to train her out of it especially when I’m by myself with her! Just like to add that there doesn’t seem to be any aggression behind it, she’s barking with her bum up I’m the hair and tail wagging like crazy, she will even drop her favorite toy if she sees me walking past to play with my feet! If anyone has any tips I’d very much appreciate it 😊
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Just, don't let the dog do the thing. Were talking about your body, how difficult is it to physically block a dog from violating your body? Like I get it it would be hard to block fido from every curtain in the house if that was the thing. But it's your feet, all you have to do is bend over and stick a hand in its way. Say "no" with authority, doggo will learn.
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