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Obidience Issue -- The Bedroom Window

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We are having a major training problem with our 9 mo. old lab, Dawson. We converted a den into a bedroom and it has floor to ceiling bay windows that Dawson loves to sit in front of all day and watch the neighborhood activity. Unfortunately, when he sees a friend (or enemy) he likes to jump up against these windows (in the process, destroying mini blinds). Our biggest concern, however, is the force he hits the windows with, we think he's going to put a paw through one of them these days. Fencing and gating this room isn't practical.

Any training tips for curbing his enthusiasm about the dogs going by outside???
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Agree with Poodleholic on the safety and Tooney Dogs on the training.

Add one thing: Crate train him and if you cannot be there to watch him, crate him. If you are home and he is home, unless you are with him at the windows, tether him to you so he cannot be at the windows when you are not there to work on his retraining.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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