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And just my opinion but it is easiest to keep a dog in proper weight and FIT.... via a good prey model raw diet.....

I have not changed my forum avatar in YEARS..... about 13 years to be exact..... Because the dog in my Avatar is Merlin at about six months in age........ HE was born on May 28th, 2007.....

He is now 13.5 years old.... He is showing some age in his coat... My wife thinks he is losing a bit of his hearing..... And I have been messing with that a bit.... I think he MAY be in some frequencies..... But the other day..... He was heading the other way.... Out a good 150 yards..... I said my usual.... C'mere Boy!!!!... He instantly spun and raced back to me...



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hard to tell he's not fat with the cattle dog build! Same with english labs!

Here is my dog, a photo from a few days ago. Vs, How I usually keep him... covid weight IS a thing, I've become lazy (and a bit more depressed than usual) and outdoor time has been less frequent (but still adequate!)

& Raleigh is 9 months, he's a skinny dude but I haven't taken a good staked photo recently... all of my photos of him are mostly black blurs which is why I dont show him off much!


(Few days ago)

Not blurry Image of Raleigh

What 90% of my photos of him look like


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