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Nuts......I lost control

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I have not been paying good attention to my mini-schnauzer.

In January, he was a little lean at 13.6 lbs. Vet suggested he needed to gain a little bit of weight. His spine and ribs were a bit too obvious. So, I increased his food ration.

Its been 4 months since the last weigh in. He tips the scales at 17.6 lbs.....arrrrgggghhhh! I thought he was getting a bit pudgy, so I reduced his food ration by 1/4 cup/day last week. I guess, I was a bit slow.

So, I'm going to keep his food ration at 3/4 cup/day and add a 4th and 5th walk to his daily routine. All treats are banned for a while. His weight should begin to reduce.

I could really kick myself. I know the impact of an overweight dog can have on their health. I also know mini-schnauzers are prone to weight gain.
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Welcome to the club. Wish I were able to weigh mine every week or two and never have that aha moment when all of a sudden one looks a little too much one way or the other.
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