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I was at PetSmart today picking up a toy for Murdoch and I stumbled across Nutrience Holistic cat food, which seems to have okay ingredients and is a reasonable price (especially since it is on sale for $1.20 per 6oz until the end of the month).

I'm looking for opinions on this food compared to Fancy Feast pates? They work out to be nearly same price per oz (at regular price and on sale). I think the Nutrience looks like a better food, but I'm not sure about it containing rice and tapioca. I fed some to Murdoch tonight, and when it says "rice" it really means rice... there's just whole grains of cooked rice in the food.

This is the variety of Nutrience that is available at PetSmart: http://ca-en.hagen.com/Cat/Nutrition/Basic-Canned/C2131

We'd be buying either Tender Liver & Chicken Feast or Turkey & Giblets Fancy Feast (since the other pate varieties all list "fish" as an ingredient, and Murdoch can't have salmon).
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