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Not really sure where to post this? Move if need be!

Dog #5 was added to the mix Monday. Charlie is a 8lb JR/CS ( well we were told that). Shes almost 3mo old. The other dogs have taken to her, which is a huge blessing. I was worried about Opie because he can be stubborn " im the little guy, this is my spot". Not anymore buddy, not anymore. haha.

So im use to medium-large dogs. While i know the basics arent much different I am finding little has its own things to it! She goes to Hopes knees! LOL. We are trying to figure out food because im buying 2 foods already but she needs small bites...right? I know she gets about 1/4-3/4c. Shes been eating Blue Buffalo so far but its still too big for her.

Also I havent had a puppy since 2010 because we didnt get Opie as a puppy but we did Elvin.

I havent posted in a long while... we have bought our first house so no more squeezing 4 dogs and 1 cat into an apartment. We did gain another cat too. ( Tippy, we found him wondering outside our house but with a highway and train track right outside, not safe!). All the dogs are doing well. Opie and Elvin had a few moments of " Hey im the main guy...no i am". Hope also started having seizures after we moved here. They average every 3mo, so nothing major. The vet recommended exercise and diet change first, then wed go from there. We started walking her and changed to Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient and so far Shes been Seizure FREE for just over 3mo!!!! :rockon::rockon::rockon:

This pic of Charlie. :)


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