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Last week I went with my work to volunteer at the Humane Society and ended up being the only one to bring my camera. So I ended up being Camera woman and taking all the photos for our community wall. After printing out the photos I realized how horrible my 2 year old Point and Shoot Digital Camera was and I was just sick and tired of the fact that every time I turned around I was mad at it. So I sold it to my parents for $50 and went out and brought a new one.

Went though 2 of them before I decided to just "spend the money" and buy another Cannon (I have a Cannon XTi and LLLOVVEE it to death). I'm in love! This thing ROCKS! Note to anyone looking for a small compact Digital Camera, STAY AWAY FROM NIKON'S! The Powershot is horrible.

Anyways.. NUBS VIDEOS!!!!!!

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