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Re: Noted autisic author on animal emotions (audio).

I enjoyed Animals In Translation, but two things annoy me.

One - she is AN individual WITH AUTISM- that does not mean that every autistic individual who also likes/works with animals agrees with her on all points.

Two- being autistic is NO BARRIER to having (and using!) incorrect information- specifically, bald-faced (overo) pinto horses and dalmatians are not MORE prone to bad temperament because of their 'unnatural' spotting patterns. I know LOTS of nice baldfaced pintos and while dals CAN have temperament problems, I suspect it's more due to the fact that they're a guarding breed that was nearly ruined by BYBs.
Fortunately finding something interesting/enjoyable and being in total agreement with it are not one and the same :p Otherwise life would be rather unpleasant.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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